City of the Damned

by Lithium Circus

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far across the sea
in the city of the damned
there lies a fallen king
who rules a pile of sand

through cruel intimidation
abducted opposition
death squad executions
he breaks them from ascension

the scientists obey him
and craft a deadly bomb
to keep the population
chained where they belong

a desperate decision
vendetta of grand scale
the dark device was stolen
and set off in betrayal

fourty million light years
the flash caught their attention
massive timeless beings
from an atomic dimension

by folding darkened matter
the faceless creatures travel
flying back through time
to catch the fatefull crime

they wait in patient silence
and watch with knowing eyes
to capture distant science
like a spider catches flies

the pulse spread out in waves
and froze all within its grasp
it holds in time forever
the city of the damned


released October 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Lithium Circus Seattle, Washington

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