The Road to Ruin

by Lithium Circus

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released October 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Lithium Circus Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Another Haunting Sorrow
you lay your neck
upon the guillotine
before the dying king
two many nights
couldnt stop the screaming
I am the storm coming

retched frozen place
witness time displaced
legion of its slaves
spreads its sickness
over and over
cradle of the grave
just a little pain before you die

reaching for the sky
a world you cannot save
all that you believe
every thing a lie
over and over
cradle of the grave
just another pain before you die

ten million eyes
watch the fall of eden
what else will go away?
reaching for the sky
with broken bloody hands
and bound and bended knees
watch them die
over and over
cradle of the grave
just a broken soul before you die

reaching for the sky
a world you cannot save
all that you believe
every thing a lie
over and over
cradle of the grave
just a loving pain before you die
Track Name: Dying Planet
Open up your eyes
take a look outside
burning seas and acid skies
whats it gonna take
better pray its not too late
to stop this world from suicide
we are all to blame
we gave this place its name
we live or die here just the same
war is all we know
we'll never live to grow
if we just stand and watch the earth die

hiding the truth between the lies
burning rain
and freezing sand
leaders rule with toxic hands
Play their deadly game
live or die its all the same
your just a number your not a name
reality still dies
counting off the lives
locked directly between your eyes

there's no place left to hide
once all the world has died
keep looking behind the wall of lies
I know we all feel pain
some how were all the same
no one gets off this soul parade
dont waste this life
you dont get to live it twice
you carry the strength inside
dont count the suicides
swim through the red tides
and out into the universe
Track Name: City of the Damned
far across the sea
in the city of the damned
there lies a fallen king
who rules a pile of sand

through cruel intimidation
abducted opposition
death squad executions
he breaks them from ascension

the scientists obey him
and craft a deadly bomb
to keep the population
chained where they belong

a desperate decision
vendetta of grand scale
the dark device was stolen
and set off in betrayal

fourty million light years
the flash caught their attention
massive timeless beings
from an atomic dimension

by folding darkened matter
the faceless creatures travel
flying back through time
to catch the fatefull crime

they wait in patient silence
and watch with knowing eyes
to capture distant science
like a spider catches flies

the pulse spread out in waves
and froze all within its grasp
it holds in time forever
the city of the damned
Track Name: This House
welcome home
the only place youve ever known
through these walls of bone
in this castle of broken stone
where every time you cry they lead you in to die
over and dont ask why
just like a thousand lullabies
where underneath your skin
a monster lies within
the walls are paper thin
the ghosts that haunt are in

come inside
well read beneath the dying
the ghosts are crawling through
not a one is left but you
where everytime you slide
you will never know ask why
your eyes are open wide
to read this pack of lies
well you gave me nothing new
the screams are only you
theyre all that I can find
these dreams are open wide

Come on in
these walls are paper thin
their stained with lives of sin
theyre loneliness within
the sea keeps crashing down
the rain falls all around
eroding at your feet
what lies beneath the seas
you can never see the mind
you even need know why?
radioactive sighs
follow those goodbyes
welcome home
Track Name: Michaela's Poem
The people knock on doors of steel
The people knock, the people kneel
They think of things that aren't real
Outside the doors of steel.
The people walk, the people know
That outside those doors The people know
The people think that you may say
The people think that they, too, may
They lack the confidence you have
They think it's real, the dreams you have
The dreams they feel.
Track Name: The Abyss
Into the Abyss I fall
beneath the gallows pole
under the blackened water
into the sand I boil
clouds crystalize like diamonds

clawing into my eyes
clawing into my eyes

the smell of burning flesh cuts into my soul
dead may walk the desert
but the living walk this hell
clouds crystallize like devils

clawing into my eyes
clawing into my eyes

into the abyss i fall
into the living hell
beneath the blackened waters
only the demons dwell
clouds crystallize like diamonds

clawing into my eyes
clawing into my eyes

warring and slaughter
reaching for every breath
rain and chewed on up this life
thats stained into the breath
moment by moment we walk on

clawing into my eyes
clawing into my eyes

into the abyss i fall
rounding for every corner
deep in the dark i toil
lights flash in time i see them

clawing into my eyes
clawing into my eyes

into the abyss i fall
down in the devils court
reaching through all the holes
back and forth and inside out theyre

clawing into my eyes
clawing into my eyes
Track Name: Bend
I shall seize Fate by the throat; it shall certainly not bend and crush me completely.
~Ludwig van Beethoven
Track Name: Space Monkey
I woke this morning I had somebody elses face
I cant remember how Id gotten into this place
all I remember was the last time I dreamt of you
and all the broken faded dreams that I thought were true
I dont believe
Its just not real
I cant believe

every day it tears away my mental frames
And every time you tell them takes some time away
I only did it so the pain would stay away
two years of faded splintered mind funk filled with haze
Im just not here
the chimp is fried
deep down inside

yesterday they found a way to send you away
theyll suit you up and shoot you out into distant space
If you come back youll know that nothing you knew was real
just a space monkey who took the purple pill