Dying Planet

from by Lithium Circus



Open up your eyes
take a look outside
burning seas and acid skies
whats it gonna take
better pray its not too late
to stop this world from suicide
we are all to blame
we gave this place its name
we live or die here just the same
war is all we know
we'll never live to grow
if we just stand and watch the earth die

hiding the truth between the lies
burning rain
and freezing sand
leaders rule with toxic hands
Play their deadly game
live or die its all the same
your just a number your not a name
reality still dies
counting off the lives
locked directly between your eyes

there's no place left to hide
once all the world has died
keep looking behind the wall of lies
I know we all feel pain
some how were all the same
no one gets off this soul parade
dont waste this life
you dont get to live it twice
you carry the strength inside
dont count the suicides
swim through the red tides
and out into the universe


from The Road to Ruin, released October 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Lithium Circus Seattle, Washington

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